TS Chain Lubricant

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TS Chain Lube is a liquid lithium grease.

Liquid lithium grease are widely use in marines, aeroplane and heavy machinery as lithium grease is a the best match for chain lubrication with high speed shifting. As such, applying to a bicycle can bring tremendous results.

Most Chain Lubricants in the market are mainly made out of Teflon, Nano, Wax or Ceramic. Till date, there isn’t any degreaser that can be used to clean these 4 types of lubricants. Unlike the TS Chain lubricant, the coating can easily be removed with a degreaser if needed.

Maximum Protection:

This product caters to all types of weather. The liquid form coats well with the chain, and with the correct viscosity,  the lubricant is able to slip between chain link without resulting to a non-sticky effect; preventing dirt particle, grime and soil from contaminating the bicycle chains.

Application tip:

To have a smooth and well lubricated chain, it is important to clean the chains thoroughly before applying the lubricant. Otherwise, you will just be applying your lubricant over residue dirt. This results in wear & tear of the bicycle components.