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Consistent training & talent plays a big part in becoming a champion. But we believe training with the best tools can help you surpass your own limit.

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Go beyond your speed limit with our products. Our lubricant helps you achieve maximum speed with minimal effort. Instant results upon application.

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History remembers the victors. We've helped plenty of athletes reach the top, and helped them stay on top of the game. It's your turn now to create your legacy.

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By using our products, many cycling team and athletes were able to clinch top positions in continental-level competitions like UCI world tour, SEA games and more…

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By using our products, many cycling team and athletes were able to clinch top positions in national or state level competitions.

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Every one deserves to be champion. With your determination, persistency and a little help from our products, you’ll be able to taste victory in no time.

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About Forward Speed

Forward Speed is the manufacturer of BCW Bearing Lube & TS Chain Lube; the fastest growing bearing and chain lubricant in the market. With years of R&D, we are finally able to develop a unique special formula that maximises performance like no other lubricants in the market.

BCW Bearing Lubricant & TS Chain Lubricant is widely endorsed and recognised by top cycling teams and top individual athletes


Hear the testimonial of our happy customers

"We use BCW Bearing Lube and TS Chain Lube on a day-to-day basis to train our students. Techniques and form in cycling is important, but having that extra push from a great product is even better. Definitely would recommend!"

Kenneth Wee
Head coach, bike school asia

" Big bonus this afternoon was speaking to all the riders getting their outstanding feedback regarding the TS Chain Lube and BCW Bearing Lube. My favorite products for the bike itself and nice to hear the other riders so happy about the Chain and Bearing products too"

Keith DeFiebre

"Been using BCW and TS lubricant for training and competitions These products helped us clinched some major titles over the years. A product that creates champions."

Nex Cycling


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