BCW Bearing lubricant

BCW lubricant is an after market lubricant that enhances bicycle components, specifically the ball bearings of the bicycle; to improve the bike’s performance drastically.

Medium 95%
stability level
Expert 98%
Advance 90%

Who is this product for?

This product is designed for cyclist, athletes, and hobbyist who desires maximum performance on their bicycles. Used for servicing, training and competition.

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Repairing custom bike
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our unique secret formula

The finish product is laboratory tested, achieving fantastic results. The stability level surpasses 180 degrees flash point, resulting in almost frictionless contact between the bearings. The extremely low viscosity also helps the lubricant to slip through the bearing seal easily; providing surface tension to envelop the ball bearings.

With our unique formula and meticulous engineering, the product is created for full optimisation of the bearings. The formula creates an extra low friction environment necessary for bearings, and extremely low rolling resistance, allowing it to perform at the highest level. The product also helps to protect the bearings from outer damage.

Mountain Biking

Helps to prevent ball bearing from being contaminated by dirt, dust and soil

Snow biking

Suitable for all types of weather.  Easy application and thorough coating of the bearings


Enhances your training results tremendously. Contactless friction with high flash point


Maximises your performance on your races, allows you to stay in top condition

We have more than


using bcw bearing lube

Our customers say

they reach top level performance

"We use BCW Bearing Lube and TS Chain Lube on a day-to-day basis to train our students. Techniques and form in cycling is important, but having that extra push from a great product is even better. Definitely would recommend!"
Kenneth Wee
" Big bonus this afternoon was speaking to all the riders getting their outstanding feedback regarding the TS Chain Lube and BCW Bearing Lube. My favorite products for the bike itself and nice to hear the other riders so happy about the Chain and Bearing products too"
Keith DeFiebre
"Been using BCW and TS lubricant for training and competitions These products helped us clinched some major titles over the years. A product that creates champions."
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Application guide

3 simple steps:

1.  Apply BCW bearing lube from the top, through the fine gap into the bearing. It is compatible with the existing grease inside

2. Open up the hub, bottom bracket, and jockey wheel to remove the bearing seal and drip a few drops of BCW Bearing Lube

3. For race, we strongly recommend to remove all kinds of grease from the bearing and only apply BCW bearing lube. The existing grease might increase the drag resistance, and thus reducing the effect of the product.


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