TS Chain Lubricant


TS Chain Lubricant is a lithium grease liquid. Lithium Grease is widely used in heavy machinery, marine and aviation industry as it is the best match for gears and chains with high speed shifting under high pressures. Re-inventing this for bicycle chains empowers the bike performance to a whole new level.


Our unique liquefied special formula which is developed for all weather use coasts the chain well with the right viscosity. It enable the lubricant to slip through the chain links yet keeps excess soil and sand dirt particles away from developing into grime.

Low Viscosity
TS Chain Lubricant’s uniquely low viscosity enables the lubricant to slip through the chain links and the connecting pins.

Withstand High temperature
After application, the chain links and connecting pins can withstand high temperature, up to 180 degrees Celsius

Liquid Lithium Grease
Unlike other lubricants, which are mostly Teflon coated, Nanotech, wax or ceramic based, degreaser can be applied to completely clean the chain links when needed.

Dust & Dirt free
To achieve smooth and well lubricated chain, it is important to be able to clean the chain thoroughly before applying new layer of lubrication. Applying lubricant on the dirty chain will accumulate unnecessary residues which results to premature wearing of components leading to unwanted damages.


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