TS Chain lubricant

TS Chain lubricant is the only chain lubricant in the market that is made out off lithium liquid grease. Maximises performance by helping the gears engage in high-speed shifting.

Easily coats well with the chain links due to the low viscosity. Protects the chains from all types of harsh weather.

Medium 90%
stability level
Expert 98%
Advance 97%

Who is this product for?

This product is designed for cyclist, athletes, and hobbyist who desires maximum performance on their bicycles. Used for servicing, training and competition.

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Repairing custom bike
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our unique secret formula

With our formula, we’ve design this product to cater to all types of weather. The liquid lithium grease allows the lubricant to coat thoroughly with the chain. Together with it’s extremely low viscosity, it is able to slip between the chain link easily. 

Unlike other chain lubricants, TS Chain lube does not form a sticky texture after application; thus preventing the trapping of dirt, grime and soil on the chains.

Common chain lubricants in the market cannot be removed from the chains by a degreaser. Only TS Chain lubricant can be removed easily with a degreaser.

Mountain Biking

Helps to prevent ball bearing from being contaminated by dirt, dust and soil

Snow biking

Suitable for all types of weather.  Easy application and thorough coating of the bearings


Enhances your training results tremendously. Contactless friction with high flash point


Maximises your performance on your races, allows you to stay in top condition

We have more than


using TS Chain lube

Application guide

Pro tip:

To have smooth and well lubricated chain, it is important to clean the chains thoroughly first before lubricating it. Otherwise, you will just be applying your lubricant over residue dirt. This would result in a faster wear and tear of your bicycle’s components. 


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